Couple of weeks ago I visited my relatives in Telavi. There is a kind of tradition, when one visits Telavi City  (East Georgia) one also visits old and famous Telavi Bazaar.  So we did it as usual, my father was walking around and looking for various things to buy and I was just following him and photo touring around.  Things are not quite expensive here and you can find almost anything you want, including handmade products, meet local people and chat with them (and they are so sweet and kind).

So here are some photos from Telavi Bazaar.

Handmde Brooms

Handmade traditional hats


Goatskin Cheese

Honey and Beeswax (for making candles)

Popcorn 🙂

Nuts and sweets, including Churchkhela 

Shot by Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S


We had quite a cold and rainy day in the capital of Georgia, today; so on my way home, very tired, I was thinking about simple and hot dish, suitable for one gloomy day.

A Rainy Day (shot from my car)

Here is what I have prepared.

First, bunch up these ingredients:

3 – Onions

6 – Mashed tomatoes or 150 gr ready-made tomato puree

4 – Potatoes

1.5  – water

100 gr – Vermicelli

3 cloves – garlic

3 tbs – corn oil

50 gr – coriander

Black pepper/salt to taste


Secondly, heat the saucepan, pour some oil in it and sauté diced onions until golden and soft. Then pour mashed tomatoes and keep stirring with wooden spoon on low heat. After boiling, add diced potatoes and water, stir carefully and bring all these to simmer.

Potatoes diced for soup

When potatoes are almost ready, add vermicelli in the saucepan, and keep simmering on low heat until potatoes and vermicelli are completely ready.

Finally, dress the soup with mashed garlic, chopped coriander and black pepper and salt to your taste.

Serve hot.

Cure for a rainy day


I hope tomorrow will be a sunny day, as we are having Wine Festival in Tbilisi, at Open Air Museum of Ethnography;  I was there last year  and enjoyed brilliant Georgian wine with my friends.  Many kinds of homemade and company-made wines are presented at the festival,  so the weather is of key importance for tomorrow.



As I mentioned in my previous post, many interesting events are held in Tsinandali.

So, about a week ago, Georgian Cheese Festival was held in Tsinandali. For some personal reasons, I was not able to attend this glorious event, though, a kind friend of mine  donated to my new blog some nice shots, which I hope you may enjoy:

Thread like Georgian Cheese

Plait Like Cheese

Cheese cured in red pepper and other spices

Cheese with barberries

Cheese cured in Wine

Smoked Cheese Stripes

Unbelievable, but these are Cheese Statues 🙂

Cheese cured in goatskin

Cheese presented in a lamb form

It was 2010, when I last visited Tsinandali; I was then attending the exhibition of Salvador Dali works and wine sampling.

Tsinandali is a small village in Kakheti, Georgia – 79 km east of the Capital Tiflis.

For brief introduction of Tsinandali Palace, I can say that it belonged to one of the noble families of XIX century Georgia – The Chavchavadze Family;

This was the place where prominent people of various countries met each other, the place uniting art, literature, music, winemaking, gardening . . .

Tsinandali Palace was famous for  its winery – the oldest and largest winery in Georgia, combining European and Georgian winemaking traditions and for its garden planned by European designers and being stretched on 12  h; 150 plantations from 400 in total, are exotic, brought from foreign countries, the Garden was even compared to Richmond Park and Alexander Dumas mentioned it as the Garden of Eden.

Presently this brilliant place is the Palace-Museum and is used for various events, such as wine fests, exhibitions, conserts, cheese festival, etc.

Some photos from Tsinandali taken in 2010  

We know maize bread, corn bread, pone, Indian bread or any other bread made from maize, corn . . . but what I am going to tell is not about just a cake from maize, but about bread largely spread in West Georgia and welcomed through the entire country.

One may ask if maize was introduced in XVII century, in Georgia, then how come that maize bread is a kind of traditional serving in Georgia. Question is quite reasonable. The thing is that, maize can be traditional for the country of its origin, and for the rest of the world the method or ingredients of its preparation; presently, we meet maize in almost every country, people make various things from maize, but all of them are exceptionally different from each other by ingredients, preparation method and taste, of course.

So is the Georgian Maize Bread with cheese, called CHVISHTARI in Georgian.

For preparation, take a large bowl and mix maize flour and salt in it. Then, step by step pour warm water in it and toss well for making dough. Finally add eggs and toss again, dough must be soft and not very thick and dry.

Heat the pan on a medium fire and pour some corn oil in it, make small balls, lightly roll in your hands, put the maize breads one by one in the pan and fry from both sides (1 minute for each side).

Serve hot.

Maize breads are highly recommended with various salads, especially with Greek salad. 

You may need:

400 gr – maize flour

Warm water (according to need)

1 tbs – Salt

100 gr – grated Georgian Cheese Sulguni

P.S. Georgian Cheese can be changed with Mozzarella + Feta


Maize Dough (looks like African Fufu)

You can make any form and fry from both side 🙂

Turn the maize bread carefully 🙂 Keep away from hot sprinkles of oil

Bon appétit!

And this is not the only kind of maize bread in Georgia . . .

To be continued . . . .


Some red eggs were left after the Easter in the fridge, so I decided to mix up a kind of dressing and put these eggs in it.   I took seven red eggs, pilled them and sliced carefully.

For dressing, I took mayonaise, added some mustard and roughly chopped red hot peppers, tossed up the mixture well and put the eggs in it sliced beforehand.

Thus, you can taste a very simple, Eggstraordinary and spicy dish.


7 Red Eggs

400 gr mayonaise

1 tbs musturd

1 tbs roughly chopped red hot pepper

Still being inspired by hot dishes after touring in West Georgia, I put these hot red peppers in it

Bon appétit!

Yeasterday, I toured in the West of Georgia. Surely, one post cannot cover all the stuff I saw or tasted there, but I would like to introduce you with Shrosha – a small village in Zestaponi Region.

As the village is located near the central highway (close toEuropean Route E60), one cannot pass along without noticing a wide selection of beautiful handcrafted items for sale as gifts or for personal use.

Pottery is well developed in other parts of Georgia as well, and as for the Village Shrosha, it is provided with loamy land and respectively, most of the families follow pottery traditions.

Handicrafted items are exhibited along the Highway for 24/7,  people work there by shifts, I noticed that women work at daytime and men work at night there.

My father kept his word and we stopped there for renewing my kitchen with this exceptional pottery.

If you ask, they can write anything on the pottery, your name, etc . . 

And my kitchen items (large pot for main course, small, individual pots, wine vessel)


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